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DevelopmentRemember me with multiple computers

Now TaskRise will remember you, even if you visit it from multiple computers, such as home and work.
24 february 2010, 21:47comment

DevelopmentDate range for charts

Now you can choose the date range for charts. Available values: week, 2 weeks (default), month, 3 months, half-year, all time.
18 february 2010, 09:13comment

DevelopmentSwitching of current day

In the table, the current day is marked with a border. Was switching of the current day took place at 00:00. Now change the current day will take place in the middle of the night.
5 february 2010, 13:13comment

DevelopmentUpdated task manager

For each task, shows its color. Sort tasks can drag and drop.
4 february 2010, 20:26comment