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TipsTim Urban: Why Procrastinators Procrastinate

15 june 2016, 16:35comment

DevelopmentTool "Tasks"

We are glad to introduce a new tool available on our service — a tool "Tasks". This is a simple and easy to do list.

Key features:
  • Adding subtasks to any task
  • Possibility of collapse/expand the list of subtasks
  • Change the order of tasks
  • Support for mobile devices
  • Copying of tasks
  • Keyboard shortcuts
22 may 2016, 15:01comment

TipsThe Pmarca Guide to Personal Productivity

9 november 2014, 12:41comment

TipsThe Science of Productivity

9 november 2014, 08:37comment


We have moved to a newer, faster server.
2 april 2013, 19:56comment


What is procrastination?
15 april 2011, 16:21comment

EventsMerry Christmas and a happy New Year!

25 december 2010, 15:24comment


  • fixed bug in caching of the Journal
  • accelerated save data
15 december 2010, 13:35comment

DevelopmentJournal and an updated Table

You can add comments to cells. If the cell has a comment, then in the upper right corner of the cell will be shown is appropriate icon.
28 november 2010, 15:091

TipsSteve Pavlina: Do It Now

When going to college many years ago, I decided to challenge myself by setting a goal to see if I could graduate in only three semesters, taking the same classes that people would normally take over a four-year period. This article explains in detail all the time management techniques I used to successfully pull this off.
26 september 2010, 15:15comment