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DevelopmentAdvanced accounts

We introduce advanced accounts. This will allow users to support TaskRise, and as a gratitude to get a few extra features.

These resources will be used to support and develop TaskRise. New features available to all will be added, and new features available to advanced account will be added. But most of the features will always be free.

You can change your account on this page.
30 july 2010, 21:57comment

DevelopmentImproved Task Manager

Use the arrows or drag and drop to reorder tasks.
Added a filter on the active/deactivate tasks.
18 july 2010, 09:18comment

DevelopmentAdded new languages

  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Hindi
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
11 march 2010, 21:15comment

DevelopmentCalendar updated

Now days in the calendar are colored depending on efficiency.
4 march 2010, 14:07comment

DevelopmentRemember me with multiple computers

Now TaskRise will remember you, even if you visit it from multiple computers, such as home and work.
24 february 2010, 21:47comment

DevelopmentDate range for charts

Now you can choose the date range for charts. Available values: week, 2 weeks (default), month, 3 months, half-year, all time.
18 february 2010, 09:13comment

DevelopmentSwitching of current day

In the table, the current day is marked with a border. Was switching of the current day took place at 00:00. Now change the current day will take place in the middle of the night.
5 february 2010, 13:13comment

DevelopmentUpdated task manager

For each task, shows its color. Sort tasks can drag and drop.
4 february 2010, 20:26comment