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DevelopmentJournal and an updated Table

You can add comments to cells. If the cell has a comment, then in the upper right corner of the cell will be shown is appropriate icon.

Clicking on the top right corner of the cell can be set for a cell comment.

If you move the cursor to a cell, then in the bottom right corner of the cell will be an arrow. Clicking on it you can see and set all the parameters of the cell.

For a cell can be set readiness, mark and comment.

The Mark is located in the upper left corner. Click on the top left corner of the cell to install or remove the Mark. Mark allow you to mark the tasks that you consider most important for the chosen day.

For days, you can also set the comment.

All commentary cells and days are going to the Log tab, where you can watch in a convenient form. Journal entries can be sorted by dates and tasks.
28 november 2010, 15:09


marvenniffi 29 september 2011, 09:29
What a utilization of tools and effects you did, It's really amazing work.
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